Friday, 10 June 2011

Mango and Lemon Balm Rush

I love waking up to a new day, able to have time to do my stretches and some QiQong. With that in mind, I always like to have a healthy nutritious breakfast and today I was in the mood for a juice. I made a one of a kind juice filled with loving sweetness that awakened the body, nurtured my soul and cleansed the mind. I love it when everything works in sync.

It's amazing how something so simple can have an enormous affect on a being. I included lemon balm because it is one of my favorite herbs growing up and drinking it's fresh hand picked tea. Lemon balm is good for the nervous system, as it reduces stress of any kind calming the body and mind. I used cabbage and carrot for their source in Vitamin C, and Mango for it's phytochemicals and nutrient properties. All in all they seemed to work quite well, giving both the sweetness and consistency of the juice.

Mango and Lemon Balm Rush


A leaf or two of a Cabbage
Fresh Lemon balm herbs (Also known as Melissa officinalis; in the mint family)
Banana (I used half a banana in the end)
Half a carrot

What you'll need to process it all

A blender, vitamix or a food processor. Anything that works well for chopping up vegetables and turning it into a liquid base.


Pour half a cup of water into your blender. Chop up carrot, cabbage leaf(s), mango and fresh lemon balm herbs, and put it in the blender. Turn it on, and watch it blend for a minute and a half.

Taste to see what it's like, and then add half a banana to give it more sweetness. Blend for final 2m.

Feel free to add or subtract ingredients, and play around with it for your own taste.

Et voila - Your juice shall now be ready.


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