Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Home made Fresh Almond Milk

As you have noticed I enjoy Almond Milk. With that in mind I have noticed that it is fairly expensive to buy a carton of Almond Milk, and with added ingredients. I have yet to find an all natural organic carton of Almond Milk, that just contains pure almonds for the milk. The ones I have tried all seem to contain natural sweeteners such as agave. So with that in mind, and the packaging itself to add to landfill, I thought I would be better off making home made almond milk. I did some on-line browsing and discovered that it is quite simple to make almond milk at home, and I went one further step, and just made pure almond milk; my original intention.

Materials needed

A cotton bag, or muzzling material. I used 100% cotton muzzling material, uses for cake and jam making. It proved very successful. Any material which is good for squeezing out liquid and keeping the original ingredient, say the pulp of a fruit.

Bowl of some kind for the almond milk to be drained into whilst muzzling the excess of almonds

A blender

Glass container or plastic container to store almond milk

Almond Milk


A glass/cup/bowl of almonds soaked over night (24hrs)
7 glasses of Water
5-8 dates for sweetening (optional-I did not use any myself)


Fill a blender with 7 glasses of water.

Add almonds to blender and mix for about a minute, or until the almonds have fully blended.

Once finished, pour the milk from the blender into a bowl through the muzzling material or cotton bag.

I managed to stretch my muzzling material around the bowl so that I could pour in the almond milk. Eventually once enough was sieved through the cotton material I tied the material around so that I could maintain the pulp, whilst still draining some of the milk out carefully.

Once the milk was sieved through the muzzling I put the almond pulp in an airtight container and put it in the fridge. I will use this later as an ingredient in desserts, and it also serves it's purpose as almond butter or powder.

I poured the almond milk from the bowl into a glass container, which will be kept in the fridge for whenever I need it. I used a glass container as it is fresh and undiluted, but you can always opt for a plastic container if you don't have.

Enjoy your freshly made Almond Milk!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will try my very best to answer. :)


  1. that sounds lovely, im always eating nuts and almond milk sounds like a good alternative! ill try ths out when i have time x

  2. I make my own almond milk, too! I do mine a little differently (1 cup of almonds blended with 4 cups of water). I love this stuff! ;-)